The London Film Week VR Showcase will take place at the Regent Street Cinema on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December 2018, from 2pm-6pm. Free entrance!

VR Project

The Green Line

Since 1974, after a Turkish invasion resulting in the occupation of the northern third of the island, Cyprus has been divided by a UN-patrolled buffer zone known as the Green Line, a no-man’s land spanning the entirety of Cyprus. In January 2016, the GLP team was granted access into the Green Line, where it documented glimpses of areas barred from their original inhabitants for almost half a century

VR Project


RONE is a distinctive portrait of the titular street artist, whose stunning large-scale portraits of women’s faces can be found adorning soon to be forgotten spaces, acting as a commentary on gentrification and the masculine realm of street art. The 360' film and interactive VR art gallery takes the viewer inside Rone’s world: we follow him into the rarely-explored spaces in which he works (an abandoned paper mill, a house set for demolition, a crumbling theatre), and learn about his unique philosophy on art and life. The VR experience also takes the viewer into a Rone exhibition and inside his studio, giving them a front-row seat to the artistic process behind Rone’s epic murals.

VR Project

We Who Remain

"We Who Remain" is an immersive VR film that takes us into the heart of a forgotten conflict in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The region is cut off from the world with no humanitarian access, and almost no media coverage. The lives of four characters are woven together to give a deep portrait of the students, mothers, journalists and rebels struggling to make their lives better in a war that shows no sign of ending. It will be the first character-driven VR film shot in an active conflict zone. The film is a co-production of Emblematic group and Nuba Reports in collaboration with the NYT VR, Arte, and AJ+.

VR Project

Unframed - Intimacies

Unframed is a VR series made by DNA Studios and produced by RTS (Switzerland). In each episode, we discover a famous Swiss painter and his work. The second episode, Intimacies, is dedicated to Félix Vallotton and his woodcuts.

In Intimacies, Misia Sert, the woman depicted in every frame by Vallotton, writes to the artist, as soon as she discovered the woodcuts. She lets him know how she feels about the way she's been represented. A story about love, marriage and treachery. In one word: intimacy.