Saturday 11 December 2021


Directed by Rand Abou Fakher

with Amina Alhaj, Abd Alhameid Alobeid, Rahaf Alobeid,
Lona Alobeid, Omar Kashmiry


A family living in a war-torn country spends what seems to be a normal evening together. Their conversations shift between casual matters of daily life and survival. This ambiguous situation highlights the aches of how we take time for granted, and live life.


Writer & Director: Rand Abou Fakher
Production Manager: Rosa Galguera
Cinematography: Hans Bruch Jr. SBC
Sound Design: Enzo Tibi
Cast: Amina Alhaj, Abd Alhameid Alobeid, Rahaf Alobeid, Lona Alobeid, Omar Kashmiry

Additional info

Country: Belgium
Year: 2020
Language: Arabic with English subtitles
Length: 16 minutes

Saturday 11 December 2021
Ciné Lumière (French Institute)
17 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington,
London SW7 2DT
Festival Selections
Berlinale 2020
Brussels Short Film Festival 2021
This film will preceded a feature film: The Enemy (100 mins)
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About the Director

In Syria Rand Abou Fakher obtained her studies as a flutist in the National Conservatory of Damascus. In 2018 she made her first short film « Braided Love » that was internationally premiered in Sarajevo Film Festivals to continue its  tour after that in festivals and museums. Her second short film « So We  Live » was produced by Hilife Cinematography. It premiered in the  international competition of Berlinale 70th Edition. And participated in many international competitions such as Guanajuato International Film Festival, PyeongChang International Peace Film Festival, Brussels Film  Festival. The film won the Best Short Film award in the Leuven Short Film Festival and Usak Film Festival. She is a multi-platform artist, performs in theatre and her creations are based on concepts that are built  on anthropological and philosophical researches that are highlighted due to  her experiences and to what she senses and perceives as a displaced Arabic woman.