UK Premiere
France, Armenia | 2020 | 100 mins
Narrative Feature

Directed by Nora Martirosyan

with Grégoire Colin, Hayk Bakhryan


Alain, a French airport auditor, is assigned to study the feasibility of reopening the airport of Nagorno-Karabakh, a self-proclaimed republic seeking international recognition.

In this surreal location – at an airport without planes, in a republic without legitimacy – for the first time in his long career, Alain finds the regulations, clearly defined by the International Civil organisations Authority, too narrow to meet the absurd reality of the country.


Director: Nora Martirosyan
Screenplay: Nora Martirosyan, Emmanuelle Pagano, Olivier Torres, Guillaume André
Cinematography: Simon Roca
Produced by: Sister Productions (France), Kwassa Films (Belgium), Aneva (Armenia)
Cast: Grégoire Colin, Hayk Bakhryan

Additional info

Country: France, Armenia, Belgium
Year: 2020
Language: Armenian, French, with English subtitles
Length: 100 minutes

Screening schedule

This film is available to watch online on yuzzi from 1 until 7 December 2020.

Early booking recommended, this film has a limited amount of views.

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Festivals and Awards

Cannes Film Festival 2020
Talling Black Nights, Estonia
Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece

About the Director

Nora Martirosyan is a graduate of both the Art Academy in Yerevan, Armenia, and the State Academy of Fine Arts, in Amsterdam. In 2010, she directed the documentary short Les Complices. Should the Wind Drop is her feature debut. She currently lives and works in Montpelier, France.