LFW22 | Shorts Competition

Wednesday 7 December 2022



Directed by Aella Jordan-Edge
United Kingdom | Drama | 2022 | 12 min


During a dinner with friends, Lily accidentally calls her transgender partner by the wrong name. Back at home, the couple try to find a way to connect and move forwards. Do they need to be together or apart to grow?


Director: Aella Jordan-Edge
Writer: Aella Jordan-Edge
Producer: Lily Ashton
Key Cast: Rebekah Murrell, Em Thane, Joni Ayton-Kent, Naomi Denny
DOP: Rachel Clark
Trace Taylor
This film will play before
feature film Magnetic Fields


Wednesday 7 December 2022


The Garden Cinema
39-41 Parke Street
London WC2B 5PQ

About the Director

Aella Jordan-Edge is a narrative director currently studying Directing Fiction at the National Film and Television School. She grew up in both London and New York and makes films about human relationships. Her passion for storytelling is informed by her background in theatre, a degree in literature and her experience in production. With a sensitive eye, Aella uses metaphors and symbolism to explore emotions and the world around her. Her first short Unclasped about a mother and daughter bra shopping, premiered at the London Independent Film Festival in 2019. ‘Remember That?’ made in the 2020 lockdown was selected to screen at Carmarthen Bay 2021 and Little Wing Festival 2021.

Director Statement

9 years ago I met and fell in love with a woman. 2 and a half years later we separated. Things had changed. He was transitioning to become who he truly was, a man. I was fully supportive of him on his journey but I would no longer be his partner.
Gender transitioning can be complex and difficult and it can also be confusing for the people supporting the trans person. I felt compelled to write and direct Misnomer as a fictional short which was inspired by my specific personal story. Made with truth and authenticity, Misnomer also explores the universal feeling of realising the person you are in a relationship with is no longer the person you fell in love with. This is my version of a modern day break-up but as the ex-partner of a trans man, it’s one we haven’t seen before.