LFW22 | Shorts Competition

Sunday 11 December 2022

London Premiere


Directed by Richard Hunter
United Kingdom | Drama | 2022 | 15 min


A spoiled man child, a lonely drag queen and an overbearing mother deal with the harsh realities of love.

Shot on super 16mm and filmed on location in South London; Lovely Creature stars Neil Summerville (Edge of Extinction) and Des Yankson (Breeders), in a film that attempts to showcase the comedy behind the tragic reality of dating.


Director:  Richard Hunter
Writer: Richard Hunter
Producer: Jerome Danvers
Key Cast: Neil Summerville, Des Yankson, Maggie Bourgein, Daisy Puller, Roxy Van Blume
Production Designer: Vicente Ben
Casting Director: Ilenka Jelowicki
1st AD: Richard Newman
Gaffer: Tom Nowell
1st AC: Tim Allan
Art Assistants: Coralie Burke, Joe -Terry Lenny
Costume: Sammy Corneille
2nd AD: Ellysha Elgon-Smith
Sound Recordist: Guido Lerner
Editor: Matt Brady
This film will play before
feature film Too Close to the Sun


Sunday 11 December 2022


The Garden Cinema
39-41 Parke Street
London WC2B 5PQ


Aesthetica Film Festival 2022
York, United Kingdom

About the Director

Richard Hunter will probably tell you that he’s a man of simple tastes; someone who dislikes the nerve twisting squeak of polystyrene, loves all-night karaoke bars and maintains a healthy fear of cold rice pudding (or hot for that matter) – you know, the usual stuff.

But his work is far from simple. In his performance-driven comedy, Richard taps into the quirks and subtleties of human behaviour, unlocking a weird and wonderful viewpoint on modern Britain and beyond.


Director Statement

Something I feel that doesn’t get talked about that much at the moment are the mental health issues revolving around the quest to find love. As time goes on there are huge societal and social pressures to couple up. The process can be filled with constant anxieties as you look for your romantic needle in a haystack; at times causing people to feel more alone than before they started. Lovely Creature is supposed to take you on that journey into the human predicament, hopefully leaving you with a feeling of deep inclusion, assisting in further understanding each other, the vulnerability, the individuality and ultimately the ever looming sense that we are, each of us, imperiled.