UK Preview
France | 2020 | 122 mins
Narrative Feature

Directed by Emmanuel Mouret

with Camélia Jordana, Niels Schneider, Emilie Dequenne, Vincent Macaigne


Selected for this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Love Affair(s) is a charming romantic comedy about the many practical and philosophical challenges of love. Waiting for her boyfriend François to join her in the French countryside, pregnant Daphne is left to entertain his handsome cousin Maxime. Alone together over four days Daphne and Maxime offer  up increasingly intimate insights into their relationships both past and present. Director Emmanuel Mouret playfully weaves together the stories, presenting a wide range of perspectives on love, sex and infidelity.


Director: Emmanuel Mouret
Screenplay: Emmanuel Mouret
Produced by: Frédéric Niedermayer
Cast: Camélia Jordana, Niels Schneider, Emilie Dequenne, Vincent Macaigne

Additional info

Country: France
Year: 2020
Language: French, with English subtitles
Length: 122 minutes


Everyman Broadgate cinema
1 Finsbury Avenue, London EC2M 2PF

Sunday 6 December 2020

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romantic comedy

Festivals and Awards

Cannes Film Festival 2020

About the Director

Emmanuel Mouret is a French actor, director and screenwriter. He has written and directed 10 feature films. Mouret is best known for his romantic comedies Change of Address (2006), Shall We Kiss? (2007),  Please, Please Me! (2009), the ensemble film The Art of Love (2011), Caprice (2015) and Mademoislle de Joncquières (2018).