Canada | 2020 | 3 mins
Music Video

Directed by MissMe


At a time when women are (still) fighting for equality, Random Recipe have pushed the idea further by exploring a utopian world where women would be in power.


Artist: Random Recipe
Director: MissMe
Produced by: Sixteen Pads

Additional info

Country: Canada
Year: 2020
Language: English
Length: 3 minutes

Screening schedule

This film is available to watch online on yuzzi from 1 until 7 December 2020.

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music video

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About the Director

Multidisciplinary artist MissMe first got into the limelight through her insubordinate and compelling street art. The colossal prints she lays on street furniture throughout cities are visceral. Dealing with feminism and other social issues, her work takes several forms, including ephemeral posters she puts up across cityscapes. The woman body, notably her sex, is undoubtedly the recurring motif of her work. The ominous nature of her imagery, coupled with a visually striking aesthetic, calls for the solidarity of women and their mobilization.
The Vandals, figurehead of her work, present a stylized rendition of her naked body whose face is hidden under a hood with mouse ears. This series denounces not only the objectification of the woman’s body, but also how it’s commodified and exploited by a capitalist society. Often revisiting the same themes and motifs through her creations, MissMe strives to repeat a simple message, a real cry of the heart: a call to the empowerment of women. In the fashion of a true feminist guerrillera, MissMe disturbs the established order to rally her sisters, allow them to occupy public space (by force if necessary) and to be vested with the power of action that is theirs.